21st Century Technologies Limited is a Licensed Information Communications and Technology Services Provider in Nigeria incorporated in 1997, with a pedigree going back 19 years, fully mobilized and perfectly positioned to build converged, multi-service and efficiently managed communications networks in Africa.

We own and operate the most extensive optical fibre cable metropolitan networks in Nigeria with speeds up to 10Gbps, high-speed Corporate Dedicated Internet Access and IRUs for a total of 10Gbps, fully redundant International subsea fibre capacity with two separate vendors.

We are the leading commercial Data Centre Service Provider in Nigeria. We specialize in the commercial protection of off-site data, server hosting, indexing, records archiving, etc. in our state-of-the art facilities that meet strict measures of security, stability and fire prevention. Our high security data centre is strategically located to provide rapid disaster recovery services at various levels of security with 24/7 protection and surveillance. We offer bespoke service solutions to government, businesses and homes with a redundancy and multi-homed network backbone.

All of this enables us to provide the best coverage of all major metropolitan areas in Nigeria, complemented by satellite services ensuring that there isn’t one square metre within Nigeria that we cannot connect and providing a one-stop-shop for all of your ICT requirements.

21st Century Technologies Limited has its corporate head office at 5 Jeremiah Ugwu Street, Off Babatunde Anjous, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, with branches in many parts of Nigeria.


Our service backbone is supported by a wholly owned world class fibre optic network, developed and built in conjunction with our principal technological partner Siemens AG. Today we have arguably the most extensive fibre optic network in the Lagos metropolis.

The voice network is driven by the EWSD switching platform, acknowledged as global leaders, used in over 150 countries by 350 operators servicing 260 million ports across the globe. We have the capacity to offer higher scalable bandwidth solutions up to STM -4 (622 Mbps) on our metropolitan network.


Our Mission

"To use State of the Art Infrastructure to provide world-class solutions to our valued customers through highly motivated talent and strategic alliances."

Our Vision

"To be the foremost integrated ICT solutions provider in Africa."

Our Credo

"Advancing ICT Solutions... Beyond Imagination"

Our Descriminating Competences

  • State of the Art Infrastructure
  • Knowledge Solutions
  • Proactivity

Our Core Values

  • Partnership
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Inspiring
  • Commitment