Box of Money


Box of Money is a leading provider of digital payment services with a comprehensive and innovative range of services & solutions to eliminate payment complexities, making customer purchasing experience seamless and secure. Box of money is broadened to offer the following services to include:
  • Agency Banking
  • Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
  • Payment Aggregation
  • Cross border Money Remittance

Agency Banking

Agency Banking solution is a branch-less banking that complements and extends the Bank's retail banking reach beyond its existing branches and ATMs; integrated with partner Bank's core banking platform.


  • Account creation & activation
  • Add Money to wallet (self, Agent location or from a linked account)
  • Viral cash pick-up by Agent
  • Withdraw Money (at an ATM or Agent location or to a linked account)
  • Send money to another registered user to a non-registered user
  • Top-up a prepaid mobile phone
  • Card-less ATM withdrawals through OTP

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment solution enables Box of Money customers to pay utility bills for registered billers through its website, ATM, IVR and other channels thereby achieving a more effective management of all bills and payments without any geographical constraints.


  • Single Online Bill Payment Platform
  • Convenience
  • Comprehensive and Free Value-added Services

Payment Aggregation

A platform that enables Box of Money to acquire transactions at online retailers and e-commerce portals by allowing shoppers to pay for online purchases using any Credit or Debit card, Internet Banking or Stored Value product.


  • E-Invoicing Services
  • Support multiple card manufacturers
  • Corporate Net Banking debits
  • Mobile Wallets transactions

Cross-Border Money Remittance

Box of Money remittances program complements and yet significantly differ from existing solutions through SWIFT correspondents and money transfer operators and exchange houses.


  • Convenient and Fast
    You can make cross-border transfer at any time and any place with 7-days 24 hours of round-the-clock service. In this way, your time is saved from waiting in long queues at the bank branches.
  • Online Reservation
    You can submit reservation information to the bank through this service. Box of Money will make Foreign Exchange transfers to the corporate or personal accounts of banks outside according to your requirement.