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  • "With 21ctl Cloud - VMware, we are able to migrate workloads, offer infrastructure and disaster recovery as a service seamlessly from our private cloud environment based on VMware vSphere to the public cloud with very minimal engineering and administration interaction from our VMware Certified professionals (VCPs). This enables us to rapidly deliver unique solutions and offerings to our customers."
    Wale Ajisebutu,
    21st Century Technologies Limited


    Quality Expertise

    Our VCPs built and manage one of the world's largest VMware vSphere footprints. Let them help you architect, deploy and troubleshoot your environment, no matter how complex.

    Predictable High Performance and Reliable Platform

    21ctl Cloud – Vmware includes automated replication, monitoring, and high availability of your applications at no additional cost, so you do not have to rewrite or re-architect existing applications to ensure their availability. Leveraging the same platform you already run internally, you can extend your management tools into the cloud, gaining an integrated IT capability across your data center and the cloud. By utilizing your existing investments, processes, and expertise, you can lower your total cost of ownership. Enjoy consistent, reliable performance backed by industry-leading SLAs, including 100% Network Uptime and Hardware Uptime Guarantees

Seamless Network Integration

21ctl Cloud is built on a virtualized network that is quickly customizable to support your application and security needs. You can stretch your Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks from your data center to 21ctl Cloud without the need for manual configuration changes. Network virtualization enables you to configure your firewalls and network as if they were in your own data center, so that you can replicate the network your applications need to operate.

Single-Tenant Security

Get the enhanced security of a customized single-tenant environment with fully-dedicated network, compute and storage hardware.

Choice of Service Options

21ctl Cloud – Vmware services can be deployed individually or in combination, giving you the flexibility and scalability you need to meet your organization's requirements:
  • Dedicated Cloud – A single-tenant cloud that provides physical isolation of dedicated resources
  • Virtual Private Cloud – A multi-tenant cloud with logically isolated infrastructure and fully private networking and resource pools
  • Disaster Recovery – Native cloud based recovery capabilities for vSphere environments