21st Century Technologies - A Dream ...

21st Century Technologies - A Dream Nurtured by Integrity

Mr. Wale Ajisebutu the Chief Executive Officer of 21st Century Technologies is a visionary whose consuming passion is for the accelerated development of Nigeria especially in information communication and technology (ICT) sector of the Nigerian economy.


A man of very few words, he believes and strongly too, that Nigeria has the potential, especially human and professional competence and expertise, to rub shoulders with other notable countries of the world in the use of ICT for development.

To actualize his dream, he applied for and secured a license in 1997 to set up a telecommunications company that would not only offer already existing service but would offer more in terms of sophistication and compete with other providers around the world.

With this mindset, it would therefore be excusable to conclude that he is a man who thinks far ahead of his time because when eventually the company he forwarded to actualize his dream took off, he called its name 21st Century Technologies.

With passion for excellence extreme patriotism and sound business acumen, he forged ahead confidently with the belief that he had a date with destiny to change the face of ICT in the country.

Even though telecommunications business is capital intensive requiring huge investments and only those with fat bank accounts dare venture into it, something which Ajisebutu didn't have, but he had something vital which paved way for him to get the desired finance and that was his integrity. It didn't take long before people who treasure this virtue in him coupled with his humility and honesty of purpose, to rally round him to nurture his dream into enviable reality.

As a testimony to the robustness of his dream, 21st Century Technologies became one of the very first private operators in Nigeria to offer wired telephone services deploying the very dependable and reliable fibre optic. One other outstanding achievement is his building of the telecoms house, a complete data center designed to carry traffic for other operators, banks, governments, academic institutions and indeed countries and others who may require its services.

The telecoms company also prides itself as Africa's first Ku-Band teleport located in Lekki Peninsula area of Lagos will also serve as a shopping mall and it would go a long way in the realization of his target of making telecoms services cheap and of course very readily available to all.

Good infrastructure will enable scalable, cost effective IT capabilities to be delivered, managed metered and privatized as a service much as electricity and water are today", adding that "our focus is to make things very easy for Nigerians with the services that we offer.

A chartered accountant by profession, Ajisebutu an incurable optimist believes very much in the viability of the Nigerian dream of a great Nation, but posited that such a dream must be pursued with vigor by all stakeholders. "If you have a dream you must pursue it with passion and vigor and make sure you put in whatever it takes to realize your dream.

This however is what he has achieved with 21st Century Technologies but in his usual characteristic manner as an embodiment of humility, he doesn't admit that he has achieved anything extra-ordinary.

Hear him further: "I have always had strong faith in the Nigerian economy, every hardship or bad time has the same level of opportunities. Every individual has the same chance to pick either hardship or realize the potential of this country and the underlying opportunities.

As the saying goes, the goldfish has no hiding place. It didn't take long for his efforts to be noticed and recognized. Just last year at the very highly reputed Nigerian Information Technology and Telecoms Awards (NITTA), 21st Century Technologies won the best Telephone company of the year in the fixed wireless category.

The workaholic ICT consultant then advised all Nigerians to show patriotism in all their doings for the development of the country and shun all activities that may further tarnish Nigeria's image in the comity of nations.

- Thisday Newspaper, June 2009